State of Hawai`i Department of Education: Educational Assistants


A Paraeducator is defined as a school employee who works under the supervison of teachers or other professional practitioners. Their jobs are instructional in nature and they provide other direct services to children and youth and their families.

Paraeducators provide instructional support which includes, (1) one-on-one tutoring, (2) assist with classroom management, (3) provide instructional assistance in a computer laboratory, (4) conduct parental involvement activities, (5) provide instructional support in a library or media center, (6) act as a translator, or (7) provide instructional support services under the direct supervision of a highly qualified teacher or professional practitioner.

Other job titles used to idenfity these employees may include, among others: paraprofessionals, teacher aides or assistants, educational assistants, instructional assistants, alternative school work study assistants, bilingual/bicultural school home assistants, career educational assistants, communication aides.

Paraeducators are Support Services Personnel and belong to HGEA bargaining unit 03.

Paraprofessional Tutors are casual employees and they are not included in this class of work.

(Source: Anna Lou Pickett, 1999 & No Child Left Behind Mandate, 2001)

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