State of Hawai`i Department of Education: Educational Assistants

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Overview A general overview of the ParaEducator Training Program (non-credit) can be found here. This page explains the differences between the non-college credit and college credit options.

Latest News This page provides updates on all ParaEducator Training Program opportunities and “No Child Left Behind” (NCLB) federal law requirements. Updates are made periodically, as additions or changes to programs become available.

Workshops This page provides a listing of workshops currently being offered by the ParaEducator Training Program.

College Credit Path This information provides a look at the different options for paraprofessionals who desire to earn college credits to lead up to a certificate or degree. This includes information about the foundation and selected studies courses.

ParaPro Assessment On these pages you will learn what the assessment is about and how to prepare for it. You will also find information on the computer-based assessment option.

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